Your trainers will be recognized as top-notch, and your clients will be happy, and your bottom line will be enhanced.

You will get solid, constructive feedback to help you be the best trainer you can be, with happy clients, and a happy boss.

You will know that your trainer is a qualified professional - someone who listens, educates, and helps you meet your fitness goals.

What is the Root Fitness Advantage you ask?

It is the advantage your Personal Trainers and your gym members have once Root Fitness Advantage is evaluating the Personal Trainers on staff at your gym.  

What are specific advantages?

  • The Personal Trainers are evaluated while in session and are given their strengths and weaknesses to improve their professionalism.
  • The gym owners are able to provide a quality staff of professionals to their gym members.
  • Gym members will know and trust who they are hiring as their Personal Trainers.  Each trainer and gym receives a grade, like a restaurant, that evaluates attributes such as their professionalism, knowledge, focus, and demeanor,
  • The Root Fitness Advantage creates an industry standard where this is none.  Empowering the gym member, owner, and Personal Trainer through personal trainer evaluations (PTEs) is the next step in providing a safe, effective, and reputable experience at your local gym.

There are over 300 agencies who certify Personal Trainers.  How is that an effective way to have a standard of excellence and trust in this industry?  As of 2015, there is no industry standard certification or license for being a safe, effective, and reputable personal trainer…and those agencies will not agree on one the near future.  This is one reason you see so many complaints about Personal Trainers at the Better Business Bureau, social media, and via word of mouth from your friends.  The industry accepts those without a degree.  Which other healthcare industry does this?  Not one.  This is why an after-the-fact evaluation program is needed.  Once someone is certified, does that mean they are safe?

When Root Fitness Advantage (RFA) enters your gym, you know there is an industry standard of excellence in the grasp of those Personal Trainers.  These evaluations (PTEs) support all involved parties in the cleaning up of the mess that is personal training.  Root Fitness Advantage, Inc. wants your Mom to know she is hiring a safe, effective, reputable Personal Trainer.

“Are your trainers ‘RFA’ evaluated??”